MicTube and MP3 Recorder

MP3 kit consisting of a RIP Flash recorder and a MicTube Posted by Hello

Maycom market two useful units for the reporter on a budget. The MicTube

Professional microphone pre-amp is just that. Most MP3 recorders or Mini Disc recorders do not have a proper MIC input, but a line input at best. This tube clips on the bottom on a balanced XLR microphone and allows you to set the output level on a simple meter. It uses an internal battery. It costs 169 Euro, excluding BTW in the Netherlands.

Maycom also market an MP3 recorder sourced in East Asia. It does a fine job in making MP3 recordings – great for speech recordings. Not really the best for serious music recordings. A RIP_Flash MP3 recorder & the Mic Tube cost 299 Euro, excluding VAT (19%).



  1. Have you looked at the Iriver range? I have 20 of the IFP590T units in Liberia as field recorders and they are very good. The mic input is a minijack but the Hosa XVM-105 cable allows you to connect xlr microphones. Recording time 4 hours plus and it recharges when you plug into the laptop.
    Battery life is over 20 hours.Best thing is the download as files and not in realtime.You need to use the headphones as there is not a recording level meter.
    Another must is to use the hold button to prevent accidental operation of the buttons.

  2. No, have not seen the I river range. Can you get in touch with me as I would like to find out more.



  3. Just did a search and you’re right, this is interesting, especially since you can vary the recording quality from 8 up to 324 kb/sec.

    Manual is at


  4. Hi Jonthan,

    Any idea what a MicTube would cost?
    It seems like a perfect solution!


  5. I have one of these MicTubes and I am less than satisfied. Mainly because Ican’t use it with my Sennheiser M66/K6 combination. It’s probably more useful for dynamic microphones. I sell mine, in case someone’s interested… get in touch using radio | at | hirschler.net

  6. love your blog. Do you have any suggestions for low budget but passable quality recorders to work with kids? It’s not financially feasible to buy 10 Edirols. But I would like them to be using reasonably modern technology with decent sound quality .. any low end mp3 recorders .. with or without (preferably with) external mikes?

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