CES Show Stealer for Journalists?

The PMA400/430 as seen at CES 2005 in January Posted by Hello

Thanks to the Engadget guys who alerted me to the new Archos Pocket Media Assistant PMA430 launched at CES Las Vegas….the real name of what was rumoured to be AV500 at the German CeBIT tech trade show in March 04.

In Europe, the device seems to have the type number PMA400. The new PMA400/430 is a Linux-based portable audio and video player with a 30GB hard drive and an LCD touch screen that also doubles as a PDA. They’ve loaded it up with VERY useful extras: built-in 802.11b WiFi, USB host (for connecting a keyboard or dumping photos from a digital camer), a removeable battery, and support for Mophun and Qtopia games. Because it runs on Linux you can install new applications for the PMA430, and there are plans to introduce an Software Development Kit in February.

More details here.

This was the prototype AV500 shown in March 2004, later renamed the PMA400. Posted by Hello


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