Apple Final Cut Pro at NAB

Today at NAB, Apple introduced its new HD video production suite, called Final Cut Studio which includes new versions of Apple’s Pro video and audio apps: Final Cut Pro 5, Soundtrack Pro, Motion 2, and DVD Studio Pro 4. The press release outlines the following:-

Final Cut Pro 5 features include:
Real-time, native High Definition DV editing
Multicamera editing
Dynamic RT

Soundtrack Pro features include:

Waveform editor with Action layers
Intelligent Find-and-Fix
Over 50 effect plug-ins and Audio Unit support

Motion 2 features include:
GPU-Accelerated 32-bit float rendering
Replicator for animating waves of repeating graphics or movies along user-defined grids.
FxPlug, which ushers in a new breed of third-party filter effects using full 32-bit processing.

DVD Studio Pro 4 features include:

Distributed encoding
Dolby Digital Professional encoder

In the USA, the Final Cut Studio will be available next month for US $1,299. Registered users from any previous version of Final Cut Pro can upgrade for $699, while Production Suite customers can upgrade for $499. Final Cut Pro 5 ($999), Soundtrack Pro ($299), Motion 2 ($299) and DVD Studio Pro 4 ($499) will also be sold separately.


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