Marantz PMD-660

This is probably one of the best portable flash recorders for reporters on the market at the moment – I think it is more robust that the Flashman and it is surprisingly light. The device works off 4 AA cells and the compact flash memory cards that you find in most camera stores. The older (and larger) 670 is infact older and – to my mind at least – a bit too heavy for average reporting. The 660 would be my choice. Price? The Dutch importer Niehoff wants 610 Euros (ex 19% VAT) for one.

There is also a special remote control cable called the Marantz RC600N-XLR which fits onto any microphone and allows you to make markers on the recording as you go along. A LED gives the status of the recording, with an orange colour being a warning that the recording is peaking. This cable (without the microphone) costs 125 Euros (ex VAT). That must be a world record for a 1.6 metre cable and a switch. Stuff the markers, for that price I’ll use a notepad!


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