T-20 Recorder from I-River

The I-river 700 series, which people like Adam Curry use for soundscape podcasts is dead.

The T-20 is the new device to replace it, which looks like it will have an external microphone input as well as “line-in”. The photo is misleading….you think it is big….infact the unit is the size of stick of gum and the USB connector slides inside out of the way. I see that Engadget is reporting the units are starting to appear in the US now.

I bought one of the first T-20’s on September 9th. It cost me 170 Euro for the 1 GB version. The built-in microphone is actually quite good. You can record 18 hours at the highest quality.

BUT…. the controls are very confusing to operate, especially when the thing is hanging round your neck. This is clearly an MP3 player where someone has added on a few extra bits to make it record. I would vote the older version as much better.

It is still very difficult to get information out of I-river and dealers tend to stock other brands around here. For that reason, I would not recommend this unit to friends.
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