Sony PCDM-1

They will be frisking you for one of these at the next rock concert. In December, Sony is promising the PCDM-1 recorder, aimed at the musicians market since the price is a hefty US$2000. It has that warm glow of a guitar amplifier…..familiar to musicians. It will scare the life out of the average reporter…would you stick this under a politicians nose?

As is usual with Sony, the model number is strange. Don’t confuse it with the PCMM-1 Portable DAT recorder (below) which I assume is now to be discontinued. The PCMM-1 is seen in shops for around US$840, list price well over US$1000.



  1. Jim Cutler says:

    Do you still use the Sony? I believe a year ago that was the model you carried. I have one and only miss that it doesn’t have XLRs. I can live without that. Lots of recording choices opening up for iPads and iPhone, too. I can either look at them as clugy and in need of workarounds, OR as cool innovations in the right direction.

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