Sonosax MiniR82 – 4500 Euro recorder

Robert Freeman in London sent some nice wishes and says he thought of this blog will perusing this site The Sonosax flash recorder must be hand built since it has a Patek Phillipe price tag. Frankly I’d be scared of losing it.

The site is written in a sort of “Swinglish”. In part the sales pitch is..

In our willing to offer sound engineers modern, powerful equipments perfectly tailored to their specific needs, and after almost a year of intensive research and development, taking benefit of the latest innovations of today’s available technologies, SONOSAX is proud to introduce the MINIR82 , a robust, small sized hard disk and CompactFlash Card audio recorder specifically designed for on location recording.

Despite its reduced size, only 120 x 80 x 28 mm (4.75” x 3.15” x 1.1”) weighting only 430gr (1/2 pound) with 4xAA standard alkaline batteries, the MINIR82 offers all functionalities and features required in modern mobile sound recording.

Freely configurable from 2 to 8 tracks with recording capabilities from 44,1kHz to 192 kHz at 24bits, writing industry standard WAV and BWF Mono or Stereo audio files to either its internal 20 to 30Gb hard disk or to the CompactFlash card, equipped with two high quality microphone amplifiers with switchable limiters using state of the art SONOSAX technologies, 2 analog line inputs and 8 Digital Inputs ( 4xAES/EBU ), the MINIR82 will be your perfect companion whenever used as a stand alone recorder for ENG/Documentary applications or on a sound cart when used in conjunction with an outboard mixer such as the SONOSAX SX-ST for larger production sets. Of course, the MINIR82 offers full Time Code capability, including HDTV format, and can be used as master or slave.

Do you understand why manufacturers assign the product numbers they do? Not sure I would call a new device the MINIR82. But that applies to most equipment guys. They assume we’re all armed with bits of paper as we wander around electronic equipment stores.



  1. Sorry jonathan, but is not that difficult to imagine why the sonosax people assign that name…8 for 8 tracks 2 for the two extra tracks in the flash card…Expensive?? check the prices of the competitors, the Sound Devices 774T is at something like $4095 (only 4 tracks recorder double sized), or the DEVA IV that cost more or less $10.000, and the cantarX of aaton at something like $15.000 (and yes you’re right is handmade) So well if you want a minidisc kind of price you can buy your self an ipod.Sorry for my English, not as swiss as Sonosax, neither as American as yours…

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