Minidisc’s Last Gasp?

I predict that MiniDisc is still doomed. But, Sony’s HD MiniDisc department seems to be hoping that the new MZ-RH1 will be a success. It is out in a few days in Japan – in May in Europe we’re told by Gizmodo. This portable recorder can record using a Linear PCM-format, but also tackle MP3 as well as the proprietary standards that Sony has like atrac, atrac3 and atrac3plus. A new feature is that the device can be connected to an Apple Macintosh, as well as a Windows PC. Cost? Around 300 Euro in Japan. Now why on earth don’t they come up with some smaller and lighter based on a hard disc or flash memory format? Problem is that no-one in the Sony Business centre is really interested in audio guys.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Ha ha! Those Sony morons.If they’d released this in 1999 (or even 2001), Minidisc wouldn’t have failed, and they’d probably still own the portable market.Playing MP3s? No-brainer, and 8 years late. Mac support? Also a no-brainer, and also 8 years late.It should have been possible to connect a minidisc player to a PC/Mac via USB years ago, have it appear on the desktop, and drag MP3s to it. But noooooo. People might pirate stuff, and we can’t have that, can we? Sony didn’t give the customers what they wanted, but pandered to the media arm of the company instead. Apple ate their lunch. A good thing, too.Shows what happens when you make products, year after year, that people simply don’t want.

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