DRM85CSHEETV31.pdf (application/pdf Object)

DRM85CSHEETV31.pdf (application/pdf Object)

I see that HHB in the UK is now selling a cardiod version of the integrated Flashmic 1GB flash recorder. The older one uses an omnidirectional mike. This one is better for noisy surroundings, but less handy for doing general interviews because you have to make sure it is pointing accurately or you’ll hear nothing off mike. I wonder why they can’t put 2GB in the device now for the same price. 1 GB is super cheap these days.


  1. Jonathan,Regarding Digital Recorders … have you tried the AEQ PAW120 yet? It looks like the next generation from the DR100 and I’m wondering if you think it will meet the podcaster/broadcaster needs for portable digital recording?I have not tried it, and want to know what others think of it. Thanks.

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