Sideview of the SkyQube

Sideview of the SkyQube
Originally uploaded by Jonathan Marks.

You slip your normal SIM card in the slot – and leave this box at home. I guess I’d want to try it out on a trip when it didn’t matter too much if my phone wasn’t working.



  1. Hi Jonathan, I tried posting a comment here the other day, but I don’t think it registered. I will try again. Please forgive the overlap if this sounds repetitive. I am freelance radio journalist and I am interested in your blog. It sounds right up my alley. At the moment I am looking at possible — and affordable — mp3 recorders for field interviews. I like the Edirol R-09 from what I’ve been able to read about it on the net. I haven’t been able to actually hold one in my hands yet, since I live in Prague and I have no idea who actually even sells the things here …

  2. I don’t recommend the Edirol at all for speech recordings, the inputs are designed for much louder music recordings.

  3. Jonathan, What would you recommend for radio journalists doing field recordings? Something that’s affordable, dumps right down to the computer with no hassle, has long battery life, is portable, and has both Mic in and Line in? Thanks, Mark

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