Originally uploaded by Jonathan Marks.

Now this is interesting if you do a lot of travel. You connect it up at home and put the SIM card of your mobile into it. When you get to your destination you buy a cheap prepaid SIM that allows you to receive calls for free. This green box uses Skype to beat the roaming charges levied in other countries. Also features a recording function and callback. Cost? About 300 bucks to start with. Might be worth experimenting with for reporters in “difficult” countries? More details at Seen at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona last week.



  1. Interesting device. It might have a couple of uses for brodcasters.Looking at the Qool website the box has a usb interface and a stereo headphone out. It might make an cheap Telephone Balance Unit, run the output through a mixer or straight into a PC. Add in the SMS handling feature and you’ve got one box in the studio that can handling incoming calls and texts.Second use is for handling remote audio reports. The device records audio so reporters could dial up and file a voicer.

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