469 pounds is a lot to pay for a recorder. Yes it is cheaper than the HHB Sennheiser, but it is also considerably more expensive than the other handheld recorders we’ve seen. The good news is that the recordings are clean, and you can even get away with using the built-in mike, though politicians may be wary of speaking into something the size of a mobile phone. But the internal memory is either 512 or 1 GB and with MPEG-2 compression (or just WAV) that means very short recording times. That’s a pain if you switch the thing on to record a press conference in WAV format and it lasts for more than 40 minutes. Memory full? Have to dump it to a PC before you can continue. Come on guys – haven’t we learned anything from the photo camera market? Please lets use removable flash memory – it is cheap enough now.

Overall, I’m disappointed. Decided not to buy..



  1. Thanks for your fine reviews. Flash media is the way to go! It’s almost a conspiracy by the manufacturers to force everyone out there to follow the Ipod style model. But practical application is so radically different! These units are used to create content- not present it. And if the internal memory goes bad? What? You’ve never had memory go bad? Don’t you remember the time…

  2. ward weis says:

    een alternatief ?$200gebruikt tenminste SD-tjes.w.

  3. There are simple programs to reformat the flash memory should it corrupt. I have only ever had that happen once, and that was because I pulled the plug out too quickly as the Flashmic was still transfering a file. It didn’t like that and the Flashmic needed to be rebooted. It is true that Flash memory has a limited lifetime, but I think that is several years away.

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