Sony PMW-EX1

Interested to see this HD camera at IBC 2007. It records to flash memory rather than tape. The blurb at the stand says…

The PMW-EX1 is the first in a new range of professional HD products – called XDCAM EX – which record onto memory-based SxS ExpressCard media. Designed from the ground up to exploit the ultimate high performance of SxS PRO memory cards, the PMW-EX1 combines a state-of-the-art, non-linear XDCAM workflow with simply the best HD quality yet seen in a compact camcorder. It is also the first handheld camcorder to carry the legendary CineAlta 24P brand with multiple frame rate recording capability such as 59.94i, 50i, and native 23.98P, as well being 1080i/720P switchable.

There is also a choice of a 35Mb/s High Quality mode or a 25Mb/s, HDV 1080i compatible mode. To take advantage of this high performance recording capability, the PMW-EX1 uses an all-new imaging system consisting of three ½-inch type CMOS sensors, each with an effective pixel count of 1920×1080 to produce images in full HD resolution. In addition, there’s a purpose-built Fujinon Professional HD ½-inch 14x lens and a unique dual focus ring mechanism.

In fact, there are innovations in every detail of the PMW-EX1, from its IT-friendly MP4 file recording to advanced creative features, such as selectable gamma curves and “Slow & Quick Motion” capability.

To maximise recording time, the PMW-EX1 has two memory card slots which means with a pair of 16 GB SxS PRO memory cards, it can record up to 140 minutes of HD footage.

They claimed the camera would be out in November 2007. Price? a few pennies under 6000 Euro is the rumoured price. I see some UK sites are advertising a delivery date on November 1st. If so, then HDV tape is dead in the water within 2 years don’t you think?

Update December 2007- I see my local Sony dealer is now advertising a Sony kit for € 6490,– including accessories which they claim is worth another Euros 1042.

Sony BP-U60 battery
AKG SE300B Power module
XLR audiokabel
Rycote so ftie
PortaBrace bag
PortaBrace rain protection
Firewire kabel 4-6
Firewire kabel 4-4
1 extra 8GB memory card



  1. The Sony EX-1 is a great camera, but a little hard to hand hold for long periods. I came across this shoulder brace: is made specifically for the EX-1. Looks great and it can mount on a tripod head.Rob

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have read on various website, that a lot of people find hand holding the EX1 uncomfortable. I have to agree with them. I have been using this shoulder brace man does it make a difference. I recommend any EX1 owner take a look at this shoulder brace. It’s great.Don

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