Mayah Sporty Codec Update

Saw this new version of Mayah’s codec for in the field reporting at IBC 2007. In an earlier post I said I thought the price would be near 4000 Euro including tax. But Uwe Flatter from Mayah Germany reports that it will be 3350, with an introductory price of 2450 Euro for orders before November 15th. 900 Euro is indeed a huge discount.

I am not sure how long ISDN lines will be around in some countries. Some PTT’s seem to want to get rid of ISDN as soon as possible – I believe Sweden is talking aboout phasing it out in 2011. Other countries, like Swizterland and Spain for instance – they have discovered quite a few customers using ISDN and have no immediate plans to migrate them. What I am finding in Spain and the US is that local operators are getting reluctant to organise ad-hoc ISDN connections and start charging a lot of money for the service.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jonathan,I am Uwe from MAYAH. The list price of Sporty will be less then 4000 Euro: 3.350,- Euro. By ordering until November the 15th. we offer an initiation price: 2.450,- Euro !!!If you neeed more informations, please let me know.Best

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